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Time to put your meme tokens into work.

A one stop solution to all your meme tokens that are idly sitting in your account.

Borrow ETH by providing Meme tokens as collateral.

How does meme finance work?

mefi runs on a very simple financial model, where the users can provide their meme tokens as a collateral and get the ETH. As soon as a user repays the borrowed ETH the meme tokens that are provided as a collateral will be released to the user. 

We all know how stressful it is when you are holding a meme token that you love to hold for the long term and you are all in. But as the number of projects that are launching every minute, hour , making you miss a 10x or 100X opportunity.

Don’t worry meme finance got you covered. You don’t want to sell your GEMS (Erc 20 tokens) to get in and out of a newly launched meme or a pnd token. Just provide your GEMS (Erc 20 tokens) as a collateral and borrow the ETH, play with the new launches and double/triple/10x the ETH and repay us the borrowed amount with a very minimal interest and get your GEMS (Erc 20 tokens) back.


Total supply - 1,000,000,000

Liquidity - 100%

Tax - 6%

Tax breakdown-

2% Dapp Development

2% Marketing

2% Buyback and burn




Contract- 0xe13879194578c6f1a591a96c45b65022c43cec07

Medium - 


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